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This Week At Sobeys Get 2 Free Gift Cards, Free Peppers, and Free Avocado

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Savings, Savings, and More Savings!

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This Week At Sobey’s is just the beginning of deals at Sobey’s Atlantic!

How do you get all these wonderful freebies?

  • Spend $50 and you qualify!
  • Spend $20 of that on Dove Products!
  • Spend $10 of that on Old El Paso Products!

I am sure you saying what am I missing? It is 3 different offers that can be combined!!

Offer #1 is Spend $50 and by 2 select products (which Old El Paso is included ) You than upload your receipt online and they will mail you a $10 Gift Card!

Offer #2 is Spend $20 on Dove Products and get a $5 Sobey’s gift card (it can be included in the $50, so $20 on dove product and the rest on food) You get this $5 Gift Card directly at the store!


Offer #3 is Spend $10 on Old El Paso Products get a free bag with avocado or a free bag of peppers!

These 3 offers CAN BE COMBINED!!!

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