Devyn LOVES this 135 piece Limousine by #Sluban Check it out

IMG_2303IMG_2323The original purchase was for my four year old, Devyn, who is very smart and loves a puzzle and a challenges. Roy however took over the project of putting it together, all 135 pieces (our Yorkie Bella supervised from his shoulder). Devyn  could tell that Daddy did not know what he was doing. Daddy claimed he had Lego as a child and this would be no problem at all. I was not feeling well so I went to lay down, I got up two hours later and he was STILL working on it (he did not have the instructions – our four year old had them hidden) which I found hilarious as can be. He did hand it over to the child and within minutes it was finished.IMG_2324

What is loved about it! It includes the people; very often you buy these kits to make something and you need to buy the people separately. They are Lego friendly which means you can mix and match with your current Lego. This is great as I have never seen a Lego limousine but now we have a Sluban Town Limousine which is great to extend our town.

IMG_2325The price point is very comparable and I would recommend this to others 🙂 Kids will LOVE the new options.

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Please note that I received this item for free and/or at a discounted rate in exchanged for an unbiased honest opinion however all opinions are my own based on my own experiences. I hope you found this helpful 🙂

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