Canadian Class Action Lawsuits

Did you file your claim for the Class Action Law Suit for TV & Computer Monitors?

Did you fill out your information for the Class Action Law Suit?

Usually, these things work out to about $20 per household. It’s better in your household than nowhere so claim yours today and help out those without a computer get their claim.

It was advertised on Facebook however I realize many of you do not have Facebook so I didn’t want you to miss out!

Attention all Canadians.

Did you buy a CRT television or computer monitor between 1995 – 2007? These products were unlawfully price fixed, and now you’re entitled to a minimum $20 refund.

  • File a claim online (Takes 5 mins at no cost)
  • No proof of purchase needed
  • Easily receive a refund by email e-Transfer

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