Did you know you could get cashback every week on your groceries?

What if I told you that you could get $20 or more CASHBACK on your Groceries EVERY WEEK!

How it Works

  • Get new offers weekly
  • Buy from any store
  • Snap a photo of the receipt
  • Get cash back!

I’m up to $1124.57 Cash Back received and $0.75 before the next cash out!!


During this time of distancing, coupons are more difficult to find and use coupons! This is an amazing way to put some money back in your wallet!! Doesn’t that sound simple?

I’ll back up a bit! 

It’s an Amazing Money Saving Cash Back App at your Finger Tips! Now you don’t even need a phone just a PC!!

It’s Called Checkout51 and it’s FREE!

It’s available for both iPod & Android!  

Click Here to visit Checkout 51 and select your app! You can also use your PC.

On Thursday check your app to see this week’s offers! Purchase the items at the store like your normally would. When you come home, open your app, click off the products you purchased, and take a picture of the receipt, within  48 hours you will get a notification indicating that your receipt was processed and what your current balance is. When you hit $20 you hit request check!

Things you should know!

  • You may be able to claim multiple of the same item; simply click on the item and it will give you the detail.
  • You can Claim ALL the items Each Week.
  • You CAN use coupons in store & claim product on Checkout 51(Unless the terms for a specific item says no; usually this stipulation is only on P&G products)
  • You CAN use Coupons in-store & claim products on Checkout 51 & Use a mail-in rebate if all are available! (Unless the terms for a specific item say no; usually, this stipulation is only on P&G products)
  • Offers are limited each week so before checking before you buy to ensure lots are left. ~ Don’t worry it tells you when things are getting low ~ Remember to upload your receipt as soon as possible to ensure quick processing. I normally do mine in the store parking lot.
  • You can submit each product on a different receipt purchased at a different store OR you can buy them all at the same time! your Choice!
  • There are enough offers each week to hit the $20 if you really wanted to!!
  • Each household can have more than one account. Checkout 51 allows you one account per device. For example; both Roy and I have cell phones so we can both have accounts. Each of us must buy our own items and upload receipts; we cannot use the same receipt – however, it works out Amazing for those great items that it is only one per person.

As you can see there is not many left!! It gives you a warning!

Easy to follow steps to ensure your receipt is uploaded right (that means take a picture of it and send it to them so they can read it)

Easy to see the Account that shows how many receipts are waiting for approval

What your balance is! How to request your payout! So Simple!

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