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Drink K-Cups? $5 and $8 Pre Paid Credit Cards!! 3 Cards per Address #Keurig

Kcups$5 and $8 Pre Paid Credit Cards!!

  • Valid Sept 3 to October 31/2014
  • I found this form at SuperStore 🙂
  • Get a $5 Pre paid Credit Card WUB 2 boxes of 10 or more K-Cup Packs
  • Get a $8 Pre paid card WUB 3 boxes of 10 K-Cups or more including one box of beverages other than coffee
  • 13 500 Cards up for grabs
  • Limited to 3 cares to family!

To Redeem send your request form & proof of purchase to:

Keurig Canada Inc

18103 Transcanadienne Road

Kirkland, Quebec

H9J 3Z4


The form says you can find more information at Click Here



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  1. How do I get the prepaid credit card form. Or can I put my name and box codes in envelope and send to get the prepaid credit card.

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