Bringing in a bit Extra each Month! Everyone Can do this ! Put $100 plus into your budget each month

1Your thoughts are valuable! Get paid for your mouth!

Yep that’s true. Every product & service in the world requires feedback from someone! They need to know if it’s a good idea, if it tastes good, if it’s a good service, etc and this is where you come in!

There are TONS of Great Companies that will pay you for giving opinion, completing tasks and trying products! Many blogs brag that they made Hundreds of dollars in one month to try to get you to sign up under them ………. that’s how they make those big amounts all at once! You’re not going to become rich off doing surveys but you can get some extra cash, gifts and gift cards to increase your budget! You can also get lots of free stuff to try.

What you need to know!

  • Never ever pay money to get access to do survey’s, mystery shopping or product testing. THEY PAY YOU! Not the other way around.
  • Fill out your profile accurately; when your completing screening questions; be honest in your response, don’t try to guess what you think they want to hear.
  • Don’t be discouraged! I see many people saying, “But I never qualify” ; it may seem like that however many companies give you a bonus for trying wither a discount or coupon or even an entry into a draw. What you don’t know is behind the scenes every time you CLICK and try a survey even if you don’t qualify it shows that you tried. When companies get very limited higher offers……… they are frequently sent to those who don’t seem to qualify for traditional offers 🙂 I can’t tell you how many times I started a survey that was only to give me a contest entry only part way through to realize I was going to get to test products out and get a nice cash reward!
  • Set real expectations on what you can add to your budget!

What I recommend is joining them ALL! They are all free to join and you can earn Cash & Gift Cards on ALL of them!! If you check some of them  you can even earn by referring friends!

Below are programs & sites I belong too, that I am able to earn extra and save more just by ME doing stuff and tasks! These are all programs I have received payment from or gifts from and never had issues with. I belong to several as they all send some but added together it works much better!

Swag Bucks (Click Swagbucks and it will take you to a what to expect page, a tad outdated, I will update it shortly but will give you a good idea)- This is a great program you can earn extra each month by doing simple things. This program allows me to add an additional $5  -$15 extra a month to my budget. Click Here to join for free Each day I got to Swagbucks, take under a minute and I can do the daily poll, check the toolbar and complete the NOSO (you’ll understand once you join) . When I’m ready to come to the blog for the day I use Swagbucks to get to Coupon Nannie by using the search box on their site. The same when I want to go to Facebook. Very often when searching you win what is call Swag Bucks often shown as SB. You can complete too and often you can earn SB for watching videos and  when your one Facebook you’ll see often someone say FREE SwagBucks you’ll see some silly word and you simply copy & paste the word and Score Bucks! There are tons more ways to earn money this site I just haven’t figured it all out yet. Even with me not having it all sorted out. I’m still adding $25 – $30 extra to my budget monthly!!

Here are other sites I am in beside each month I average anywhere between $5 and $20 per month per site!



Overall I add between $100 – $150 worth of cash, products and prizes per month to our budget!  What do you have to loose !  UPDATE: I earn approx $150- $300 Now monthly






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