Coupon Nannie was started in 2012 and I have always been upfront and honest. I search the web looking for coupons, deals, freebies, reviews, promotions and even giveaways and post them all in one spot for you to find them. It makes it easier for those of you who do not have the time to look for them or those of you who may not be able to get around on a computer that well. We never once pretended to be anyone or attached to anyone, as we are not; we are simply Coupon Nannie trying to help other Canadians find deals. Prior to Coupon Nannie way back in 2001 I had a free stuff site, back when geocities gave you free hosting . Back when they internet was full of full size samples and very few coupons.In all these years this is the first time I have received such an email.

I was not alone in receiving this email. I have spoken to one other person who also received such an email. We do not get paid to do this, we do it to HELP people. When I think of some of the other sites and us as a combined Huge network of Canadians we have as amazing followers. There have been multiple TV interviews with many of the site owners, radio series, newspaper columns, day time talk show, newspaper interviews, public appearances… by those of us who do not get paid but provide ALL this free advertising to brands, companies and more.

The larger majority of brands and companies THANK US. It could be a simple as a retweet, a Facebook shout out, an email, sponsoring a contest for fans or just a simple thanks.


There will be no mention of A&W Food Services in any way shape or form. Moving forward, we are not permitted to let you know if A&W has a sale on, if they have coupons out, or if there is any other promotion. It does not matter if you see the advertisement on TV every 30 seconds, or on every sponsored Ad on Facebook, or even if their Facebook page says share this. You cannot share it to Coupon Nannie blog, Twitter, Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest or anything that has the words “Coupon Nannie”.

The ONE and only time I ever mentioned A&W was in a post in 2015 . I normally never post “fast food” coupons, my stance is fast food isn’t read really saving money; even if you have a coupon; so I never really bothered. I will be showing you that post and the letter I was sent. If you can point out their logo please show me. I have since removed the few words. I had trouble finding it on my site, that’s how hard it was to find.

So I am sorry in advance if I am required to delete any shares due to A&W’s legal department.

You can read the letter sent to us by visiting here (it is a pdf file)

You can feel free to voice your opinions in the comments section below, on our Facebook page or on A&W’s Facebook page.

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    1. We are very disappointed with the issue, however all we can do is not share any valuable coupons, promotions or deals. I hope any customer are diligent in checking that one webpage daily in order to keep up with the deals 🙂

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