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There are always ways to bring in extra gift cards, samples, freebies or extras into household. These are things that do not take money out of your budget, but give you a benefit. I thought I would keep track of some of mine and try to share with you so you can see what may work for you.

Finances or Benefits not in my Budget – Bonus !!

January 1– Met my Swagbucks Minimum Goal

January 2– Met my Swagbucks Min Goal

7 laying hens and a rooster (6 months old) given to us $$= 7 fresh eggs a day $200 asset for (Plymouth Rock)

January 3– Met my Swagbucks Min Goal

Sent in receipt for $20 Pepsi Promo

1900 PC Points + 15 000 PC Points (Make sure you check your receipts that you get your points) I scored the 15 000 for spending $150 (Point Value $16.90)

Scanned my Groceries for points

5 eggs from new chickens

Jan 4th – Met my Swagbucks Min Goal Currently up to 399

Credit for $200 for our oil bill (they let us run out)

Put in all the codes from the kids movies to disneymovierewards.com ordered a free movie for the kids by redeeming codes

5 eggs from our new chickens

Jan 5-  Buzzoole Redeemed 200 Points at for Amazon Gift Cards

4480 PC Points for filling up the truck with gas

Picked up Farmers Pick from Bread Stores to feed animals No charge Value of approx $120 in animal food.

5 eggs from new chickens

Jan 6-

5 eggs from new chickens

Filled out Shoppers Voice for my free coupons, samples, and more.


Jan 7– Scanned my Groceries for points

Found sheets of new coupons at Walmart with approx $6 in grocery coupons.

Picked up some Christmas Decorations for the tree 75% off

5 eggs from new chickens


Jan 8Requested my $25 Loblaws Card, as did Roy as we both lived in separate residents at the time.

Picked up Farmers Pick from Bread Stores to feed animals No charge Value of approx $140 in animal food.

Received my bathroom accessory set ; retail $42.50 – gift cards from SwagBucks = CDN$ 2.56

5 eggs from new chickens


Jan 9 – Redeemed 285 Air miles for $30 in Groceries at Sobeys & Earned 1 Air Mile

Received email that Checkout 51 sent out a check for 21.25

Request cheque from Caddle in the amount of $21.10

5 eggs from new chickens

Scanned Groceries with my Neilsen App


Jan 10- Received $20 Cheque from Leger Web

Received $21.25 from Checkout 51

Learned that the Flipp App shows the coupon inserts that come in some papers such as P&G and if you are like me and do not get them in the paper, you can print them from the Flipp App. Visit our conversation on Facebook Here

5 eggs from new chickens

Requested $15 payment from Pinecone Research



Jan 15th – Swagbucks I am up to 1600 – Saved 15% on my redemption so 1275 points for a $15 Amazon Gift Card Still have 385 Points

Earned 7200 PC points today on Grocery order/Dog/Cat food on $164.34 Order

Sent in Receipt under daughter at her dad’s address for Pepsi Promo; she can enjoy the coupons when she is in there for a weekend 🙂

New Incubator came from Amazon that I ordered by using Amazon Gift Cards from Swag bucks. Retail $130 cost , We ended up out of pocket about $30 🙂

Scored a 6 free cat food coupons (mine account & Roy’s), a free air wick air freshener from Home Tested and a free razor from Samplits.


Jan 16 – Completed survey on Legerweb and now up to $5.00

Spent $35 at Giant Tiger & saved $15.50 in Coupons

Fertilized eggs put in the incubator


Jan 17 – Requested $5 Amazon Gift Card from Swagbucks


January 18– $15 Amazon Gift card from SwagBucks Ready

$5 Amazon Gift Card from Swagbucks Ready


Jan 19th – 9 eggs from chickens

$15 pre paid Visa from Neilsen Home Scan

Current Swagbucks up to 95 SwagBucks again (Already earned $20 in Gift Cards this month)


Jan 20 – $1 survey Legerweb  = $6 balance

Hit 2nd level goal in Swagbucks for day – balance 343

Sobey’s Shop – Earned 22 Airmiles (Make sure you load your offers as I had one for 20 AirMiles WUS $50 or more however that is before you take off any instant savings or coupons  therefore I could  spent $40  Saved 51 % ) 25 cent Cash Back on Caddle & $2 Cash Back on Zweet

Giant Tiger – Used $5 in Coupons – Cheerios for under $2 = Happy Mamma

Redeemed 16000 points from Neilsen Homescan for $25 iTunes gift card (being mailed)

Jan 21– Met Swagbucks Goal

Picked up 32 baby chicks at a great price of only $2.19 each instead of the regular price of $5 or more

7 Eggs from Chickens

Jan 22 – Met Swagbucks Goal


Jan 23- 6 eggs

$1 Legerweb survey – up to $7.00

Jan 24 – 11 eggs

Jan 25 –  9 eggs

Jan 26 – 10 eggs

Jan 27 – 9 eggs

Jan 28 – 12 eggs from chickens

2 baby chicks hatched

Sold some piglets $400

Jan 29 – 12 eggs

Current Swagbucks Balance 1655,  Looked in Sales section and redeemed 1275 swagbucks for $15 Amazon Gift Card Saving 15 % and Balance of 380 & just joined the new team challenge

Jan 30 –  Received email notification the $15 gift card from Swagbucks is ready

12 eggs

Jan 31 – Check for $17.12 arrived from a mail in rebate for dish detergent.

12 eggs



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