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FlashFoods – Save 50% or more on Groceries at the tip of your Fingers! #FlashFood

We as consumers spend thousands of dollars on groceries annually and we waste a lot. Grocery stores and large retailers waste even more as if the product is not perfect most consumers won’t buy it. Fortunately for us, FlashFoods came up with a wonderful idea in both the US and Canada.

Superstores, No Frills, Dominion, Maxi, Provigo, Meijer, Family Fare and others. Log in and see the discounted items, pick your items and they will get them ready at customer service! I got a dozen roses for $5 the other day. Yogurt for $0.99. Once you spend $0.50 you get a $5 sign-up bonus!! Discounted Food.

My favourite is the veggie/fruit boxes for $5, even though the physical size of the box got a bit smaller the value and stuff in the boxes did not. I bought 3 boxes the other day so $15 in total. I received the following:

An onion (see how to prolong life)
A bag of radish (not really a fan but we have rabbits and chickens)
A bag of tangerines (saw the kids running with them earlier)
2 nice hot house tomatoes (Used on our BBQ burgers we had last night)
15 cloves of garlic (Stores in a sealed container for later use)
4 Green Peppers (Not a fan but again we have animals who LOVE these)
6 Avocado (Not a fan but again we have animals who LOVE these)
8 Sweet Potatoes (Not a fan but if you cut them in fry size, sprinkle some spices and deep fry – a whole new experience)
A Large Package of Baby Tomatoes (the kids and grandkids grab these by the handful)
2 cartons of cukes approx 18 cucumbers (all the things you could do with 18 cukes)

In my opinion, the items listed above are more than well worth $15. You can sign up here for free. As soon as you spend $0.50 you will earn a $5 welcome bonus to spend as you please. You simply open up the app, choose your items and pick them up at customer service. Share with your family and friends as you can currently earn a $7 credit in your account or every new person you refer once they spend $0.50 and they will get $5.00. It does not say a limit to a household.

These were the 3 pictures I could see to base my purchase on.

The following pictures demonstrate the quality of the product I received:

The great thing about this is that you can look up any local store while on location and travelling so you can always get a great deal! As you can see from these pictures there is nothing wrong with this product. FlashFood is something you don’t want to miss out on!

If you have had an experience with Flash Food Let us know what goodies you received!

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