Free Ice cream products Thanks to Chapmans

Who likes Free? Who likes Ice Cream? Who likes free ice cream??

It’s that time of year again when Canadian Owned Chapman’s issues their incredible Free Coupon to each family who wants one! It’s a $4 coupon value and their wording ENSURES you get your money’s worth!

The Actual Coupon

I requested my coupon a few weeks ago and today it arrived in the mail. That is my actual coupon above. In order to get your coupon in the mail, the process is very simple. Go to the special page set up on Chapmans by visiting here Simply fill out your name and mailing address and allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. One per household per calendar year.

Here is the best part! Chapman’s knows how this coupon thing works for being offering it for so many years so they are very careful on their wording. You get you full $4.00 worth of product.

The coupon clearly says $4.00 worth of product. Traditionally if you were to buy it and say it cost $3.00 , the store would only give you $3 off the product, even if you had more than one product. In the summer these sometimes go on sale for $1.99 which means due to the wording of the product you could end up getting two ice cream treats for free. If the product is on sale for say $3.00 and you buy two and present your coupon you would get $3.00 off the first product making it free and $1.00 of the additional ice cream treat you picked up.

The stores are very familiar with this coupon as Chapman’s sends out thousands yearly but the cashier may not be familiar with it. If you have any questions when redeeming simply ask for a supervisor if there is any confusion on the coupon and it will be fixed with no problems.

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