Got Tomatoes? Learn some Great Tricks & Recipes for no waste #Tomato #Nowaste

Time can be hard to come by, money can be hard to come by but meal times don’t need to be hard. I have learned this year with Covid, we just need to do things a bit different. Here are some great tomato tricks to ensure you don’t waste any.
Once upon a time we use to make just supper and nothing past that but things are changing. Now when you see a good deal you buy it up and think what you are going to do with it later. Flashfood from Superstore is a great way to get reduced produce. I happened to come across a sink full of baby tomatoes and had to think quick. This is an amazing idea if your tomatoes start to go soft as well.

You can turn one lucky purchase into a meal for you family on 2 different occasions (slightly different dishes), homemade sauce so you don’t waste those tomatoes and extra for your freezer!

The first thing you do is wash your tomatoes while you get out your blender, I use the Ninja; I love my Ninja. Then you put in all the tomatoes and pulse that stuff up!! No need to peel them or anything fancy just make sure you blend them up. Toss them in a big pot and here is where it gets tricky for me as I tend to use a bit of this and a splash of that so I will try to break it down. You want to use approx 1/4 – 1/2 cup of vinegar and the secret ingredient ……are you ready? Brown sugar!! Put in no more than 1/4 cup, if you don’t have brown sugar, white will work in a pinch. You can add any spices you like, whatever you have in the cupboard. You will turn your stove on to low.

Make sure you are stirring every so often. This is your pasta sauce for your spaghetti or whatever else you would love to use it in. The picture I used of the baby tomatoes makes 6 – 2 cup bags of sauce for the freezer and used the reset in a big pot of spaghetti . The next time I did it I used jars; unfortunately that’s the picture I have.

Cook the entire box of pasta, trust me, this is where the 2nd meal slightly different is coming in. Night one you have spaghetti and put all the pasta mixed with sauce that is left over in a freezer container. I made the spaghetti 2 weeks ago but tonight I didn’t feel like going all out so I pulled that frozen spaghetti with sauce out of the freezer and put in in an oven pan and top with shredded cheese , on 350 for 40 minutes, check every 10 minutes and break apart some of the frozen spaghetti apart. It won’t be mushy, it wont be hard. It will be delicious!

How is that for savings! Get your discounted or use your soft tomatoes, supper tonight, another night and jars or bags of sauce for the future that the kids LOVE!!! Let me know if you have tried it and if you like it!

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