Great Deal for a great “me” bag each month! #TakeCareofYou

To receive monthly cosmetics bags (“Glam Bags”) containing full-size or deluxe sample-size beauty products. ipsy offers two different recurring payment options to subscribe to the Glam Bag Membership : (1) an automatically billed monthly subscription (“Monthly Membership”); and (2) an automatically billed annual subscription (“Annual Membership”). You can subscribe here: There may be a waitlist to receive your first Glam Bag. You will not be billed until you are taken off the waitlist and a Glam Bag is being prepared for you.

Glam Bag Contents: Glam Bags typically contain 5 beauty items. The contents of each Glam Bag will vary from month to month. We attempt to customize your Glam Bag based on your ipsy beauty profile, your product reviews and other feedback you choose to provide to us from time to time, but we make no guarantees that you will receive a particular product.

This link belongs to my 16 year old daughter and she will receive points, she needs to several referrals before she would get a free item. It’s a great variety for $15 

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