Great Natural Mouse Repellent #Mice

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J.I’s Mouse Deodorizer drives mice away without you needing to worry about any of your household pets getting into any poisons. It is great to have a nice natural way to keep the pests away and your pets safe.

One little brown bag is enough to do an entire room or a vehicle. You simply need to poke four holes in the bag and place as normal. Replace the bags every 6 months.

The package contained 4 bags which would be good for 6 months. I have not seen mice so I am assuming it is working. I’ll update if there are any changes.

Buy from Amazon  Rodent Repellent Mouse Deodorizer – Mice Smell Control for a fresh cab – 4pk 6 mths

**I received this product for free and/or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion however all opinions are my own based on my own experience. **

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