Gululu makes keeping hydrated creative and entertaining



“This is a sponsored post in partnership with BraVoMark and Gululu.

World Water Day 2018 is a parallel to Earth Day and the message is simple WATER = LIFE

Plastic is a big problem for our planet for pollution. More and more stores are switching to reusable bags as we simply cannot keep up to the recycling of all this plastic. Reusable Water bottles are an essential part of keeping our Earth clean.

Water is required for us to live, just as air. We have awesome devices to help us measure calories burned, calories taken in and now to ensure your children are getting enough water. Keeping hydrated is essential to good health, especially with the warmer weather right around the corner. It can be hard enough sometimes to keep the kids hydrated, now you can have peace of mind knowing they are getting what they need.

Gululu is the coolest water bottle you have seen! It keeps your children hydrated, encourages them to drink more which is helpful for those kids who are not water fans. The bottle is interactive so it keeps parents up to date on their water intake and hydration.

You can play with friends by syncing their bottles, they create their own digital pet and can learn and explore. The software and app updated and always adding new options to keep the young ones interested.

This is an awesome way to get kids started in a healthy lifetime habit while. You can get them on Amazon by visiting the listing here for the Colourful Gululu bottles for kids. Gululu full price is $129 USD

Your kids happy, you know they are hydrated and you are helping others. What more could you want for your kids.


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