How much of your hourly wage are you ready to give to the store for Free?

How much of your hourly wage are you ready to give to the store for Free?

I have heard many who say, “it’s not worth it” or “I can’t be bothered” but have you really  taken the time to realize the impact? Prime example was today, I purchased her Blackberries, she loves her berries, they were $3.49 each. Normally I am pretty good at watching, but the store was full of people and I just wanted to get out of there. I noticed on the way home that I was charged $4.99 for each 1/2 pint of berries.

Scop berries I know many people who wouldn’t bother. Saying , “well it’s only $3.00”.  No it’s not only $3.00. There is a little thing called SCOP scop

Now some of you may say what is  SCOP ?

What Scop basically means is that if the price that rings in at the cash is different than the posted/advertised price you get the first item for free up to $10 ($10 off if it’s over $10) and the rest of the items at the sale price. In this case it would be $6.49 back. Do you make minimum wage? That’s over 1/2 an hours pay! Do you realize how common this is? Very common! What if this happened 1 time, every time you went grocery shopping every week and it was approx the same value of a mistake. That would be $337.48 in a year. Is there anything else you could think of to spend that money on rather than overpay for your groceries!

** Your purchase does not need to be rung off for Scop to apply. The moment your item is scanned and it comes up wrong, you are eligible for scop**

*You must bring it up, the cashier will not*

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