12 Free Bistro Bowls!!

I got 12 Cloverleaf Bistro Bowls for Free ~ #Coverleaf #Freebie

Today I ventured out for one of my little trips I do every so often to see how much stuff I can get for the lowest possible cost! I picked a great day and if you live in Truro and get there before everyone else you can too. I know some of you are saying if we don’t live there why are you telling us?? Well because if you carry your coupons with you everywhere and train yourself to look for deals it will be so much easier! I got 12 of these Cover Leaf Bistro Bowls FREE!!!

12 Free Bistro Bowls!!
12 Free Bistro Bowls!!

Clover Leaf Bistro Bowls come in Spanish Medley, Mediterranean Pasta, and Mexican Rice are normally $3.99 each however they are marked down to $2.00 and I had great coupons that gave me $1.00 off that I got from Sobeys in my coupon wallet so that brings these bad boys down to $1.00 EACH!!

You remembered I said Free right?? Checkout51 gives you $1.00 cash back on each of the 3 flavours THREE times each!! (Checkout 51 gives you cash back on your groceries just from scanning the receipt- Click on the words Checkout51 above and it will take you to the page where all my favourite apps are that help to save and make money.

I picked these up in Truro at Lawton’s Drug Store! I went in to buy Chris Brothers Deli meat, regularly $4.49 that you can get for $2.99 (limit 4) as the kids want to make homemade pizza for supper.

Here is the shop! Our 2 new kitties Midas and Jester (both orange) wanted to be part of the picture.

The Bistros were free and the deli meat came to $11.96 and it gets better!! I used my $5 gift card I got from Sobey’s the other day for my bread purchased and I had a $5 gift card I had from complaining about bad mushrooms once from Sobey’s so I used them both! Making my total of $1.96 !! Also earned 2 Air Miles!!

Look at the cute forks that come with it! The kids will love these for school!!

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