Introduction to Swagbucks

I’m starting off with the VERY BASICS. When I learn more you can too!

The following is my attempt to explain this. We will do it step by step as we learn!

You earn Swagbucks (SB) for doing things online such as surveys, searching, and tons of stuff. 1 SB is worth approx 1 cent thus 500 SB is approx $5 value! That is the minimum, by the time you count in bonuses, and redemption discounts, you will see just how valuable Swagbucks can be to you!

Here are some easy ways to start building SwagBucks!

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Let’s focus on searching (we all know how to do that), Swag codes (so simple) and a Daily To Do List.

Here is a shot from my account for the last few days. I haven’t been on much but I still scored 88 SB! The picture below is from 2013 but it is the same basic thing.

Sometimes when you search you will get this and need to enter 3 letters to claim it! Other times you’ll see a similar box just saying it was credited to your account! Amounts Vary! LOVE these.

Daily Goal is at the top, Once you hit that daily goal, it gives you a second daily goat, with a bonus as well. If you can achieve a goal for 7 days in a row, you get a bonus, etc. All those bonuses you get credit for at the end of the month which is a great surprise. Often your bonus can get you a gift card !!

Polls are this simple! There are lots of surveys to do and if you have a phone or tablet, check the Swagbucks app as there are different surveys for just mobile or tablet.

There are many surveys you can take, and free offers to sign up for & if you shop online you can earn Swagbucks on that too. I am always shopping on Old Navy or Amazon.

~ Secret on where to get SwagCodes~ I love this page on Facebook ~ SBCodez~ Click here 

When new codes are available THEY KNOW.

Try to hit your Daily Goal Each Day! When I post this on Facebook, Like the post if you read it. I’ll try to keep you updated on if I hit my daily goal daily too. Let’s help each other!

You should be able to earn a minimum of $25 a Month OR MORE! Swagbucks paid for LOTS of Christmas presents for the kids!

It’s free to join. Click Here to join.

When I learn more! You’ll know more.

Secret I learned! When redeeming if you are redeeming gift cards always click sale on the side you can ALWAYS get a better deal. Why not save 15% off your gift cards. Personally I redeem for Amazon gift cards (my preference) and then when I shop I go via Swagbucks to find Amazon and earn Cashback on my purchase.  It could mean I scored a $25 gift card and only had to redeem $20 in Swagbucks to get it and then got 3% Cash Back on my purchase.

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