Keep your little ones out of the cupboards – Bigger kids too :) #Dreambaby #DreamBabySafety

dreambabyKeep your little ones out of the cupboards – Bigger kids too 🙂 #Dreambaby

piecesThese Adhesive Locks are very easy to install. Each package has to locks & one magnetic key.  One package can do two cupboard doors. Simply install the lock on the inside of the door. They are made from a strong magnetic and do require the key to open the door.



insidedoorUnlike traditional child locks; when you pull these doors they do not open; not even a little crack, which prevents little fingers from getting stuck in between. They do not budge. cupboard





fruatratedYou can pull and pull and pull and this door. You need the key for the door to open. You must place the magnet key on the outside of the door to open it. Devyn was getting frustrated trying to open it.

What is cool about these is that if they are not completely lined up the outside key with the lock. My daughter who is 13 gets frustrated trying to open the door with them so I am thinking perhaps that is where we should hide the junk food.

In all seriousness; these are amazing child locks and will keep your little ones out of the cupboard and their fingers safe.

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