Last Mop You will ever Need!! #SpinMopBucketSystem

mop1 - Last Mop You will ever Need!! #SpinMopBucketSystem

When the box first arrived I opened it and was instant excited 🙂 Finally an environmentally mop!

What makes it so friendly? It has washable mop heads! It comes with TWO!! So you can use one as a dry mop and one as a mop mop! Opposed to traditional mops that you need to bleach out to get clean or to throw out when they get too nasty. This amazing mop you can throw the head of the mop directly in the washer!!!  mop 5

mop6 - CopyIt’s so easy, hand free, simply use your foot and twist to remove to throw it directly in the washer!


Package Includes:
-1 x Spin Dry Bucket
-1 x Mop pole handle (Can be separated into two for Easy Storage)
-1 x Mop Dish
-2 x Mop Heads
-1 x Instruction book

The instruction booklet doesn’t appear to be written by someone who has English as their first language however by reading this review it should help you 🙂

mop 4When you wring out the mop in the spinner; ensure you unlock the lower part of the mop so that it can spin the mop head out dry. Make sure you lock the mop back into place before you continue to mop {This is an error many people make and therefore find the first few times using it challenging}

We have dogs and have little ones running in and out of the house steady so this mop was something we put right to work and had no complaints.

I love reading the other people’s reviews on Amazon about products I try. 99.9% were positive; the ones that were negative; it’s good for some entertainment.

  1. The delivery driver leaving the product on your step when you were not home should not result in a bad review for the product.
  2. I too have square and rectangle shaped rooms and I didn’t have too many problems getting the round mop to clean the corners of the room.
  3. So strange but I too had to lift of the bucket…….. not sure why that gives the product a bad review.. Is there a system out there that the bucket lifts and moves its self?


The mop took a few seconds to put together, it did not require tools or any strength 🙂 To make a long store short! I would recommend this product and give it a 5/5 🙂


**I received this item at no charge and/or deeply discounted in exchange for an honest opinion **

You can get yours at Amazon!

Ohuhu® Spin Mop & Bucket System, Deluxe 360 Degree Spin Self-wringing Mop & Spin Dry Bucket with 2 Mop Heads – No Foot Pedal Needed

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