Leon’s Integrity Pricing – I saved over $100

Buying furniture is a major investment in your home and costs hundreds to thousands of dollars per item depending on what you purchase. There is nothing worse than buying an item and then seeing it on sale for drastically less than what you paid. You get mad, you get upset, you think of the other things you could have done with that money, but what can you do?

Recently we went looking for a small deep freeze; we have 2 all ready however due to the fact we raise our own beef and pork, we need 3 in total. One of the small freezers broke in the spring and we knew we were getting pigs sent to butcher in the fall so we watched for deals however we really never saw any “great” deals.

We knew we had to go pick our order up from the butcher on Friday so Thursday we went to Leon’s and purchased a freezer for $329 and were going to pick it up the following day. When I got home the flyer guy FINALLY showed up and I opened up the flyers and OMG !! My freezer was going on sale Saturday for $224!

I picked up the phone and I called Leon’s and explained I just purchased a freezer was picking it up tomorrow but the next day it was going on sale for $100 cheaper. They took my information and said she would call me right back. Within a few minutes she called back and reminded me to go to customer service first to get the refund due to their 60 day price guarantee.

If, within 60 days of your purchase, you see the identical merchandise at a lower published price by an authorized Canadian dealer in the same local trading area, under the same terms and conditions, Leon’s will gladly refund you the difference in full upon verification of the details.

Leon’s Pricing Gurantee

You can visit Leon’s Price Guarantee Here.

You can see the refund receipt to the left and including taxes we received $120.75 back! No hassle at all! I have put the receipt away as in the unusual event the freezer comes on sale even cheaper we can get more cashback.

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