OMG the Deals at Sobeys after coupons!! #Sobeys

My Sobey’s list! These are the things I purchased and why.

  • 2 Compliments Ketchup 2/$5 as my kids use it like it’s the main course and don’t care about brand names
  • 3 Friskies Party Mix were $3.00 each on sale but I had 3 coupons from the resent inserts for $2.00 each so 3 was $3.00
  • 1 Oxi Clean was $3.99 however I had a Free product Coupon from Sample Source which made it free
  • 3 Uncle Ben’s Beans were $2.99 and I had 3 Free Product Coupons from the insert so they were Free
  • 12 Lil Soup Cat Food (we recently got 2 kittens and realized one is much much younger than told and is just getting teeth so this is a great started food) I had 3 Buy 2 Get 1 Free Coupons from the insert so every 3 cost $2.38 so in total 12 were only $7.14
  • 3 Non Name chips were $1.67 each (I bought dip on sale the other day and forgot chips)
  • 1 bag of Dog Chow for $22.99 – $3.00 Coupon from inside a previous bag of coupons! (We have 5 Extra Large Dogs) This food is only an extra (in case anyone wants to tell me it’s not the best food) we have rabbits, chickens, eggs, etc that the dogs enjoy on a regular basis.

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