Our Experience on Cross Country Checkup ~ Working together to help you cut costs

On Sunday, June 19, 20222 I had the chance to work with CBC on an inflation show on how to cut costs! I was live with Ian Hanomansing which was a very nice experience! I was very excited to be able to contribute and hopefully inspire a few others to start using coupons and cash back offers.

I must say I was a bit nervous however the staff at CBC was beyond wonderful. It started with Steve Howard, one of the producers who reached out on Coupon Nannie via email. It was several follow up emails, than I spoke to someone else who did a sound check and ensured my laptop was showing properly and everyone could hear me, than it was time for the live show! Ian made it very easily and smooth to be able to talk and give my input about apps and savings

If you missed the show you can check out the print story and the full show by visiting CBC Radio by visiting here

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CBC Cross Country Checkup

Have a listen and let us know what you think! Due to all the new followers, watch for Coupons 101 from the beginning which will be a great refresher and great starting point for new people trying to stretch their money just a little bit further!

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