Pest No More – Rodent Zapper- Review #rodentzapper

We live in an older house that has a mud floor basement. We live behind the Sobey’s grocery store and I anticipate the combination of the two lead to our issue. RATS!! I was sitting her one night watching TV and our dog Pooh Bear Pooh Bearwas going CRAZY at the pantry door. Roy went to the pantry door; which also leads to the basement (It has a floor that raises to give access to the basement). When he opened the door he yelled “oh Sh&%” and next thing I know is I see a RAT run across the living room floor. Yeap; I hit the ceiling. When Roy opened the door to the pantry; a rat jumped down at him from the top shelve (Sooooooooo glad it was him as I think I would have taken a heart attack) We discussed the options of how to eliminate the rats. We have small children and small dogs so their safety was our concern. Since it was the basement; and we were unsure how they were getting in yet; we opted for rat traps. We didn’t want to use poison as what if the rat eats it part if it; gets outside and our dogs find it and eat it, etc We caught a few “baby” rats with a trap, but where there are baby rats there are parents.  Days go by and the traps go off, the food is taken but no rats. The parents must be smart 🙂 We have no option but to try poison. Apparently we have super rats as they eat the poison and well don’t die!! I than saw the opportunity to try the “Rodent Zapper” by Pest No More & jumped at the chance. Pest No More allowed me to receive the product at no charge and write an honest review of my opinion based on my experience. Rodent ZapperIt’s environmentally friendly and safe around the little ones and pets. It easily slides together which makes it easy for cleaning, etc It requires little cleaning as Rodent Zapper kills instantly so no blood; you can simply just dump the rat without touching it. (Unless you are Roy and want to see how big the rat actually is) The trap is easy to set, simply put in some dry dog food, etc directly in the chamber. When it is all set you will see the LED.Put in Food I read the easy instructions and it indicated for best results to place beside a wall;the shape of the steps didn’t really allow for that so we placed a box there to help with the alignment we wanted. Roy also put down rat poison and traditional rat traps Fake WallYou can see on the picture to the right that the rat had to go past rat poison, 2 traditional traps with yummy meat and into the Rodent Zapper.The Plan Roy thought he heard a buzzer so he went to investigate and WHOOH! The lights and sounds confirmed a KILL!! Could it really be a confirmed rat?? LOOK! There he is! He walked past the rat poison, 2 traditional traps and directly into the Rodent Zapper and Bye Bye Rat! No blood, no mess; simply dump it. How sweet is that? Zapped Rat

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