Premium Cat Tunnel ~ Great for Dogs too ~ A Review ~ #premiumcattunnel

Premium Cat Tunnel ~ Great for Dogs too ~

12829060_10156657075030078_1444202370612740853_oI do not have cats however I do have small dogs who act very much like cats and love love to play just as small children would. I was barely able to undo the ties in the three places to to open it up when they were trying to jump and play in it. I have a Yorkie that is approx 2 lbs and a baby Shitz zhu that is approx 4 lbs and they have a blast playing with this.

IMG_1523I like the fact that you can easily use the tie backs to make it much smaller. It is portable and therefore you can easily take it anywhere, including outside. It’s a very light material I was concerned at first would rip easily however they have not been able to do that yet. One often gets in it while the other can pull it around the living room before jumping in the middle hole and the race begins. The only real recommendation is I wish the middle had a bit more support so it did not tangle so easily. IMG_1520 You can see more on their webpage by visiting here

Cat Tunnel Toy – 3 Way Fun Run – Keeping Your Kitten Entertained with Active Exercise and Playing Interactive Games Helps Stop Meowing and Scratching – Ethical Pet Supplies Best Kitty Condo Play House ~ Purchase on Amazon ~

**I received this product for free and/or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion however all opinions are my own based on my own experience. **

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