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I love product reviews! WHY? It gives you honest great feedback from everyday people on the products and services you use and love. I have had the chance over the years to do various product reviews! I have tried products while they are still in testing stages; where they don’t even have a name or packaging or anything yet, products that have been on the market but other than seeing a TV commercial I haven’t had a chance to try or experience first hand. I have been completing a simple market research survey and have been given the chance to do a product review:) It’s a great way to try things out for free; just for giving feedback 🙂

When I do have extra time I often do searches for blogs that do product reviews to see thoughts and opinions. I would belive a mother of 4 on if she thinks this new hot toy is educational before I would be influenced by a commercial on TV. If I see reviews from the stay at home Dad that’s review says this carpet cleaner is the BOMB!! Worth the extra $3 a bottle…….. Mr. Mom who’s been the one cleaning at home behind the family all day would know first hand about the product opposed to a team of marketing people sitting in a conference room in their 3 piece suits! I want to know about the product from someone who actually used it!!


There are many companies out there that offer consumers; just like you to try out their products. You do NOT get paid to review products! You normally get the product or service for free in exchange for giving honest feedback. They do not tell you what to say; they don’t want you to lie; they want honest feedback!!


BrandPower, ChickAdvisor & Divine are some of the more popular ones you have probably seen around and about! I do many reviews that are posted on these various sites! They vary in length and size depending on what the requirements are!

BrandPower – I am a Platinum member! I have been featured on their site 🙂 I have won tons of great stuff just for doing simple reviews! Click here to see some of the products I have done! Want to join for FREE? Click here to register! Any time I happen to notice new opportunities I try to post it as quickly as possible so that everyone gets great chances!

ChickAdvisor – I love this site! Fun stuff to try out! Click here to see some of the little reviews and things i got to Test out! My Profile is Jazmyni 🙂 There are openings now for great stuff! Check it out!

Divine – This great site has amazing reviews! Contests and more Plus the Review Squad Click here to join


This is a great starting place and lots of fun ! You’ll get to try out great stuff for free !

Being a blogger is great because I can get access to some great programs and have made lots of great private connections that allow me the chance to get to try out some great products and let you know what they are really like and usually I can get a little giveaway for you too! I’ll have a great easy way for you to simple choose the area from the menu to get quick access to the reviews you love 🙂

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