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My daughter was really looking for a diffuse for the hair dryer as she requires one to dry her naturally curly hair otherwise her hair turns into a giant puff ball. Myself on the other hand, has beyond flat hair and I need something for my hair to get a little volume.

IMG_1363My daughter often goes away for trips due to sports and can only take a backpack so having things that are compact are must haves. Most hotels have have hair dryers but do not have diffusers. The one we have at home is made of a hard plastic so it does not easily fit in her bag and if the bag gets tossed it will break.IMG_1362

The Xtava diffuser will not have this issue due to the material if being made from silicone. The fact that it easily can collapse takes care of any concerns of breakage when traveling. It fits on most hair driers so that is also an issue that does not need to be addressed. Recommended, especially for traveling.

You can get yours here at Amazon

** I received this product for free and/or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion however all opinions are my own based on my own experiences. **

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