Review: The Animal Game ~ Farm Animal Edition ~ #Animals

The Animal GameThe Animal Game ~ Farm Animal Edition ~

Miss Devyn was very excited to help Mommy review The Animal Game – Farm Animals- She is 3 years old.

Devyn loves animals so I was sure she was going to love it, but you never know with kids! We started our adventure to help Mr. Johnson.

IMG_4201Devyn knows her colors so I was delighted to see when they had the color written; it was enclosed in a box the same color as the word which would reinforce learning words.

IMG_4200She loved the interaction with the colors and animal sounds as we went threw each different page.

When it came to the part where you had to find the animal in the area! (Like find Waldo) She was on point & super quick. IMG_4199


The book was very simple with wording which would help kindergarteners learn spelling and recognizing words easy. I love how they reinforce the colors by spelling the color and having the word in the same color.







I received the PDF version in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. You can get a Kindle version on amazon 🙂

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