Run Baby Running Belt Review #runbabybelt

resize_ba640fa26aebfb2b994d1435b6148382b05b1d249b89160137d3c758c565090e61c4da20128128Run Baby Belt Running Review!


This great running belt comes in orange as seen from the stock photo on the left and black as seen on the right that my daughter is sporting! You can also grab this belt in blue, green & pink !

photo twoAs soon as it arrived my daughter, our athlete in the family was quick to grab it. The first thing she noted was how easy it was to put on and how you didn’t really even know it was there. It’s made from elastic lycra so it is soft 🙂

She looked at it more closely and found the 2 pockets that easily fit in 2 phones. She thought that was great as she could put hers in to listen to while running and the other side she could hide my phone and I wouldn’t even notice. The phones can fit in so you can’t even see them; so no fear of falling out; however you would not be able to see them if we did that 🙂

There is also a key ring clip. My daughter jumped up and down, even did a head stand on the couch and nothing slipped or slide out of the pockets.

The best part is, unlike many running belts; it’s adjustable up to size 42 inch waist. You need to pick up one of these today 🙂

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Please note I received this item at a large discount in exchange for an honest, unbias review.

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