See how to get #Disney Stuff 100% Free ! No need to spend a cent !! #Freebie



Disney Movie Rewards! Yet you NEVER need to buy a Movie! Or Buy anything for that matter! I have received several Movies for the kids, among other things within the last year or so and NEVER purchased anything!


How you might ask??

They have a Facebook Page that is ALWAYS giving out Free Codes!!!

Look at this post below! This one post on their Facebook page has 2 codes!!


5 Point Code – FEAST

5 Point Code – BIGHERO6

Disney Survey

Check the Survey Section in your account!!



MessagesAlways Read your Member messages (They come via email too) at the Bottom of the message is normally a bonus code! It can be worth just about anything!!



gameThe first and second Monday of the month you can play Disney Movie Rewards on Facebook to score CODES 🙂 🙂 🙂 MORE CODES = MORE FREE STUFF


These are all CODES you get for FREE!! You do not need to buy a thing!

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