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Product 1 Cash Back Product 2 Cash Back Start Date End Date
Apricots 0.25 Clark Beans 0.25 6/25/2014 6/30/2014
Babybel Cheese 0.25 E.D. Smith Jam 0.25 6/26/2014 7/1/2014
Clif Builder’s Protein Bar 0.25 Figs 0.25 6/27/2014 7/2/2014
Vinta Crackers 0.25 Pistachios 0.25 6/28/2014 7/3/2014
Bitter Melon 0.25 Marc Angelo Kabobs & Skewers 0.25 6/29/2014 7/4/2014
Cedar Chick peas 0.25 Fresh Corn 0.25 6/30/2014 7/5/2014
Jalapeño Peppers 0.25 Happy Planet Soups 0.25 7/1/2014 7/6/2014


***Frequently Asked questions ** Can I use coupons in store and than claim Cash Back?? YES YOU CAN!!

If I buy more than one how can I get cash back on more than one offer ** read the offer and if it says more than one; which most do :) You only need to upload the receipt Twice – The first time you will get credit for the first offer and the second scan will give you credit for any additional. Eg. If you bought 5; the first scan will give you credit for one; the second scan will give you credit for the additional 4

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