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Air Miles – How to Rack them up !

Air miles

The other day I posted a Facebook post about redeeming my dream miles for movie packages, there was confusion on how that would happen. Someone commented and wondered how I got enough Air Miles and others wondering what these dream miles are I speak about.

If you are an Air mile card holder, you can have 3 levels of Membership : Onyx, God and Blue. You can bank your Air miles as either “Cash” miles or “Dream” miles. There are also multiple ways to earn miles and you are probably missing out quite a few. Thee choices of things you can redeem for is pretty reasonable .

Blue- Basic Air miles abilities that you collect and redeem Air Miles

Gold- You earn 500-4999 Air miles in a year. Receive 5% off Redemption’s, Earn bonus miles

Onyx- 5000 Air Miles a year. Receive 10% off on redemption.

Cash Miles can be redeemed in store such as Pharmasave in minimum of $10 increments.

Dream Miles you can redeem for travel such as hotel rooms, small appliances, entertainment such as movie tickets .

I am personally a Gold Member and I have my rewards set to 50/50. That means I can redeem 50% of my points in store such as Pharmasave and the other 1/2 are dream miles which can be redeemed for gifts and certificates. I frequently redeem for Movie passes that include popcorn and pop as they are my kids favorite.

Ways to rack up miles:

  1. Shop & Scan Grocery Receipts !
  2. Offers – Weekly such as at NSLC, Pharmasave, Irving (gas) , Shell just to name a few.
  3. Promotions – Occasional
  4. Store Offers
  5. Store Bonus Offers
  6. Credit Card
  7. Watch for Bonus Miles
  8. Air miles Shops like: Amazon, Walmart

Shop & Scan

This is an underused section most people don’t even know that exists. Air Miles tended to sneak this feature in without much announcement. You check the list, you can your receipt within 14 days and you collect your Air Miles. This feature is only available on the Air Miles App . There are currently 17 items listed to score Air Miles You generally have a 14 day period and unlike many other apps you can claim up to 15-20 of each items! You can easily rack up 95 Air Miles worth $10 on a simple grocery trip. The app scans your receipt after you take a picture of it and instantly grants your miles.


Each week Air Miles has special offers for the stores they are partnerships with that allow you to gain extra . There partners include Irving, Shell, Pharmasave, Kent, NSLC and many more depending on where you live and what Partners are in your area. You can access that feature right on your app at the bottom where it says offers. Check these offers on your app or online as often you need to Opt in For them.


Occasionally Air Miles has a promotion that last from 4-12 weeks that gives you the opportunity to take advantage of multiple offers at various locations that you score Air Miles on. If you take advantage of say 3/12 offers you get X amount of bonus miles. If you take advantage of 6/12 offers you get X amount of bonus miles and if you complete all offers you get even a larger amount of offers! Coupon Nannie will try to post any promotions like this so you can be sure to take advantage of them.

Store Offers

Air miles has various partners and a set amount of Air Miles you can gain at each place you shop. Pharmasave in Nova Scotia for example gives you 1 Air Mile per $20 spent. If you spend $100 you would get 5 Air Miles. A list of partner stores can be found on the app or website.

Store Bonus Offers

Partner stores have bonus offers all the time as shown in the picture above. If you purchase multiple of an item you get bonus points. Watch partners flyers for these offers as you can really rack up some miles pretty quickly.

Credit Card

Air Miles is owned but BMO , Bank of Montreal now and if you have select credit cards you can earn extra points on all purchases made with your Air Miles credit card. They have special offers when you use your Air Miles Master Card. For example if you spend $30 at DOLLARMA, you get 10 bonus miles.

Watch for Bonus Air Miles

These can be extra special offers for various things. Right now for example you can download the Shell app and get 95 Miles which is equal to $10.

Air Miles Shop

You can earn 1 mile for every $20 spent at Air Miles shops. Shops include your favorite such as Amazon, Lululemon , Old Navy, EBay & TicketMaster just to name a few . You can shop the full list of stores here