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Free Trials are your Friend and Saves you a TON

Free trials are wonderful ! It gives you an amazing opportunity to try out services before you commit to paying for them. The problem becomes, remembering what subscriptions you have, when you start getting charged and making sure you don’t end paying for things you don’t want to keep !

There are a few ways to ensure you get the most from your subscriptions and keep track of what you have and when to end it so that you do not get charged!

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TONS OF Extra Prime Channel add on free trials!! Than Exclusive Pricing ! StackTV, Paramount, Hayu, Starz, Discovery+, City TV and MORE!! ALL have free trials!! What I do is sign up to one at a time and enjoy my free trial and cancel and try a new one. Once you get through all the free trials often you get offers to sign up for a fraction of the regular price! Start your TV viewing options here

Make sure you download your tracker sheet so you never paid for a free trial once it’s ended if you don’t want to keep it! If you don’t want to use a chart, you can always set reminders on your phone calendar!