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Learn Coupon Lingo

Coupon Lingo ~ Let’s make sense of it all.

Coupons equal savings and trust me when I saw you can save a lot of money with coupons and I will show you how to do that but first you need to learn the coupon lingo. It’s the lingo that is often most often not understood and that leads to not getting maximum savings!

How do I know the coupon lingo and am I sure that’s what the manufactures mean?

I have taken the time over the years to contact the manufactures to make sure that is exactly what they mean.

B1G1 – Buy 1 Get 1 (sometimes the get one is Free or a Discounted amount up to 50% off)

BOGO – Buy 1 Get 1 (sometimes the get one is Free or a Discounted amount up to 50% off)

CB – Cash Back

FPC – Free Product Coupon

E-Coupon – An electronic coupon delivered via the internet, etc.

E- Gift Card – A gift card delivered via the internet, email, etc.

GO GO GO -If you see a post like this, it means that from experience whatever it is will go super quick so do not hesitate! RUN!!

HashTag – A hashtag starts with a # and than some key words or phrases, for example #CouponNannie. If you typed that phrase in Twitter, Pinterst, Instagram, Facebook, you would get results that have that exact word.

MIR – Mail in Rebate

One coupon per purchase (per purchase of a product; if you are buying 5 items you can have 5 coupons as each item is a different purchase) One per product (per product is the same as per purchase; if you are buying 3 items you can use 3 coupons)

One per transaction (buying 4 products? That means each item needs to be in a separate transaction and you should have 4 separate transactions )

One per person (that means you can purchase one and use one coupon; if there are two people there you can use two coupons when purchasing two products)

One per Family (One coupon, one product and it doesn’t matter if you are the Brady Bunch, you are still only leaving with one so only give them one coupon)

Peelies – these are coupons that you peel the sticker off the product (do not peel these off products you are not buying)

Price Match – If you find another price at the local competitor we will beat the price (some places as much as 10% below) Most stores allow you to apply coupons as well.

Price Match Guarantee – If the product you buy goes on sale at our store any time in 15-30 days (depends on the store) after you purchase it, bring in your receipt and we will give you the difference back.

Rain Check – If the product you want is not in stock ask the customer service for a rain check, when the product comes in stock you will get it at the advertised price. This is great for those stock up items like soup, tuna, etc. Most stores allow coupons to be applied.

RUN – If you see a post like this, it means that from experience whatever it is will go super quick so do not hesitate! GO GO GO!

SCOP– Scanning Code Practices state that if your item rings up wrong price at the register compared to it’s posted advertised price and it’s under $10 you get the item for free or if it is over $10, you get it at the sales price – $10

Tag– Often a phrase you see in a contest or giveaway to tag someone, if you hit the @ symbol and someone’s name if they are on your friend list their name becomes clickable and alerts them of whatever you tagged them on that you want them to see. It’s a great way to share offers with your friends and family quickly.

Tear Pads– Coupons found in grocery stores by the products, please do not take more than you will use and please do not take all the coupons,leave some for others.

Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments and we will be sure to update our list !