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People are throwing away Tons of Free Stuff – Are you getting it?

People are throwing away Tons of Free Stuff – Are you getting it?

We have large breed Great Pyrenees dogs that we breed and have just made the decision to open a rescue , however there has been a whole in my heart since our lap dog Willow broke her neck and passed away a year ago. I have been casually looking but not hard until I saw someone on my friends list with these adorable little Shitzhu’s and my heart NEEDED one. I contacted her , drove down the road, only about 10 minutes from us and took our 8 year old Devyn with us. We were presented with 4 or 5 puppies that had not been chosen. There was only one puppy who appeared excited to see us. One almost wiggled her tail off while my daughter held her and that was not a reaction we got from the other puppies so the decision was made!!

There are several groups on Facebook that are Freecycle groups where you can ask for free items and people can offer them. I posted in there that we were getting a new small breed dog and that although we could afford to go out and buy new (You always get that one person who starts with if you cannot afford supplies you shouldn’t have a dog) I would give any items someone didn’t want or couldn’t use anymore a great home with our Puppy. You are not going to believe the items we got for FREE for this puppy who comes home in 2 days (the kids think we don’t get her for another week)!!

As you can see there was nothing wrong with these items at all. They will be reloved over and over 

This is not the first time I have used Freecycle. I posted ads for 2/4 of our older children to find furnishing for an apartment and they made a home for free. So be sure you check out your local Freecycle and post and ask for things you need. You never know people have that they no longer need. Why spend your hard-earned cash if people are just giving things away.

Free Lego Magazine

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