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Grocery Shopping at Dollarama – How much can you save?

It’s no secret that grocery prices like everything else are going through the roof but can you really do grocery shopping at the Dollarama? How much can you save? Is it worth the trip or should you not bother?

What did I get for my $70? Was it worth it or not?

The grocery bills are soaring , the gas bills are soaring, all our bills are soaring and we need to find ways to save. Remember when grocery stores use to have dollar days and when items at the Dollarama were only $1? Those were the good old days. Now you cannot pick up anything for a dollar unless you really look and it is more and more important to know your prices.

Tonight I noticed the pantry cupboard was getting pretty low and after dropping the one of the girls off to Brownies , me and the other child headed for Dollarama to see what deals we could find!.

The first items were the kids favouite to have for the weekend lunch day or to put in a thermos for school lunch but these items have skyrocketed in the last while. Regular price at Superstore is $2.19 a can. If you buy a minimum of 4 you can save $0.44 a can. If I was to buy the 8 cans at full price would be $17.52 and at the discounted rate of $1.75 I would be looking at $14.00. The great news is that Dollarama has these for $1.25 each! I was able to get 8 of them for $10.00 saving me $4.00 off the multi buy price or a whooping $7.52 off the single can pricing!

I was pumped saving $4.00 off just one of my items I needed to stock the pantry with so I was excited for the next items the kids enjoy, which is rice and pasta! Normally we do a lot of cooking from scratch but some days who has time and well somethings are just easier all ready spiced up and ready.

Knorr Sidekicks noodles and Ben’s Fast & Fancy Rices

Knorr Sidekicks sell for $2.19 each as well at the local Atlantic Superstore but if you buy 3 you can get them for the discounted price of $2.00 each saving $0.19 each package! I was grabbing 4 packages of them, 2 different kinds. If I was to purchase signally at Supestore we are looking at $8.76 but since I was buying 4 I could save and only need to spend $8 saving $0.76! The Dollarama sells them for $1.50 each making four of them $6.00 . I’m saving $2.00 from the bulk price and $2.76 from the single price.

Ben’s rice for the simply Fast & Fancy retails for $1.99 each but if you buy 3 you can pay only $1.33 each saving $0.66 EACH! Once again the Dollarama charges only $1.25. I was buying 8 of them and only paid $10.00!

Those hot chicken gravy packages are 2/$1.25 , comparable gravy packages are $1.99 or if you buy more than 3 you can get them for $1.66 but at Dollarama you are paying approximately $0.63. You save $1.03 EACH!! I bought 4 and saved $4.12 .

These 4 items alone and I have saved $14.78 at Minimum.

’m not going to explain every single item but each and every item you save money on! I spent $69.87 and purchased 49 items! Bag of chips were $2 each, chocolate bars $0.87, Basmati Rice, $1.00, Manwich $1.50, Vermicelli $1.50 and lots of extra’s to keep the kiddos happy. I will admit I did splurge $3.50 on Salsa . I saved about $25 over all compared to the lowest price at the cheapest grocery store prices locally. We didn’t need bread or canned meats or tuna but if I needed them I would too have purchased them here as the savings cannot be beat!

Let us know what other finds we need to check out next time we are trying to fill our pantry!