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Tim Hortons Hockey Cards

Free Tim Horton’s Beverages & Other Perks with Hockey Cards

I stumped on this deal of sorts by accident and we love free stuff do we not? Wait till you hear this!

I went and grabbed me and my step daughter a tea the other day and saw how I could buy a package of hockey cards for $1 with purchase. I have a grandson who is 3 so I thought this would be great for his stockings so I grabbed two packages.

I have a rewards Tim Hortons card app on my phone. They scan my card and it puts 2 packages of virtual cards on my app. That gives me 2 chances to win a prize! One with each package!! I hit the option to “virtual open the packs” and Boom I win 2 hot beverages. Next time we got to Tim Hortons is myself and hubby, we get two more hot beverages and 2 more packages of hockey cards and again 2 more hot beverages. We are ahead of the game.

We are up to 4 packages of hockey cards and still have 2 hot beverages. I thought I should pay a bit closer attention to what can be won with the hockey cards and there is a ton of great things you can win. I am not going to type it all out but these are the screen shots directly from the app to show all the fabulous prizes.