The 52 Week Challenge

The 52 Week Challenge has always been a fun way to save some money for the next year and with a small amount you can end up with $1378.

How you ask?
Each week you put away the amount of money beside which week it is. If you follow this chart and put the funds away each month by the end of this challenge you will have a nice bit of funds to do whatever you want with .

The amounts each week increase by $1 which means the first week you put away $1 and by the final week you are putting away $52. You can also pay randomly advance amounts away.

Example of doing random advance amounts may be, that on the weeks I get money such as a paycheck I pay the higher amounts those weeks instead of the lower amount. We may be on week 2 and I am putting $2 away, but I will also try to put away $52 and mark that off so I can finish this sooner and have the money all ready to use before Xmas which would be a nice . There is a printable tracking sheet below. If you do not have a printer you can always write the amount day daily in a book or the envelope where you are putting you money away .

Why not start your kids off with new habits and to learn about saving money. Show them how they an save $361.50 . If the do not have a job or allowance, now is a perfect time learn about earning and managing money . Perhaps they can earn money doing chores or find a new way to earn some cash. This is the kids document.

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