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cervicalribsMy daughter Tylia, who is 13; was born with cervical ribs in her neck and as she gets older; combined with sports has caused her pain and discomfort in her neck, shoulders and upper back. . Tylia also has patellofemoral pain syndrome, which effects her knee.

Patellofemoral pain syndrome is pain in the front of the knee. It frequently occurs in teenagers, manual laborers, and athletes. It sometimes is caused by wearing down, roughening, or softening of the cartilage under the kneecap

Tylia has always been a sports girl, when she was little it was hockey, soccer, swimming, mini handball and now volley ball. Unlike many teenage girls; gym class she loves! She is very fortunate at her school to have gym classes 4 days a week 🙂 Volley Ball can aggravate both her pain centers however she loves her Volley Ball.

Who wants to give their child medication to manage pain at the age of 13?? It is recommended for her to take Tylenol Arthritis; but we wanted to explore other options to see if we could manager her pain without taking pills. The schools also do not like medication of any kind coming into the school environment if not necessary

We have explored natural remedies in pill form and cream form with no satisfaction

Than it was time to start going through pain cream…. the task started. Tylia was very verbal about what didn’t work!! Tylia found one cream had such a strong odor it triggered her allergies which caused her to sneeze & sneeze.Ty tried another one that didn’t live up to it’s claims of lasting 12 hours; more like 2  hours and only slightly. The water-based blend of camphor and menthol gives the lotion a clean non- greasy feel with a vanishing scent.

Tiger Balm Neck N Shoulder RubThan…………… it happened ………. Tiger Balm sent me Tiger Balm neck and shoulder cream to try at no charge in exchange for an honest review. I gave one to Tylia and she said with not a very convincing or hopeful voice “I’ll try it; I’m trying my knee too even though it doesn’t say knee on the package”

A few days past and nothing from Tylia. When I mean nothing I mean she never once complained about her pain (which is not what we were use too). I waited a few more days before I even asked her about her pain. I asked how her knee was and she was like fine. Than I asked about her neck and she responded with fine why. I chuckled and said remember I gave you the Tiger Balm, how is it working. Great, Ty responded.She asked that I get it for her when what we had ran out!


If it can stop her from complaining about pain, it can help anyone and it MUST be great! It didn’t effect her allergies or anything 🙂

We recently went on vacation in PEI and Tylia wanted to go on the Go Carts; she was about the first lap in the go carts; when the skies opened up and POURS Rain SUPER hard! It didn’t take long for an accident to happen. Next thing you know it there is a 6 car pile up and Tylia was in the middle of it. When she came off the track she was in tears as her back was hurt and she was in pain. Thankfully I had thrown in the Tiger Balm to take with us. We got back to the hotel and I put some on her back; it must have been effective as she fell fast asleep.

Tiger Balm is now a permanent resident of our home 🙂

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The generous people at Tiger Balm what to give 3 Coupon Nannie fans a chance to win a a Full Size Tub!! That’s right 3 of you 🙂

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  1. It would be a toss up between my husband and myself at who would enjoy this prize the most. We both could benefit from this in so many ways. It would be a nice prize for anyone to win.

  2. would be me. have arthritis pains in shoulder especially after breaking clavicle and tearing shoulder blade muscle when was hit by a car years ago now. Still get bad aches & pains there

  3. The hubby would use this the most, he started a new job and realizes he is using muscles he didn’t have to use in his previous job.

  4. Would love to win and try this product out on my knees as well as my back and shoulders. As I get older I’m having more difficulties with joint pain and my fibromyalgia is getting progressively worse. Anything that allows me to go about my daily activities without having to first overdose on OTC pain meds is a real blessing.

  5. Tiger Balm is great. I really use the Tiger Balm neck & shoulder rub…. working 2 jobs can take it toll on a person. This would be great for my neck and shoulders when I get home. Thanks Tiger Balm for the opportunity to win.

  6. I would enjoy this the most. I have arthritis in my knee and stiff shoulders from working at a computer all day so I think this would be perfect for me.

  7. I would! I have the same condition in my knees, and now as an adult it has also led to bursitis in my left knee…I take medication as it is sometimes beyond painful. I will have to try tiger balm for sure!

  8. My husband would love Tiger balm the most. He drives for our city transit. Driving 40 hours a week with the city buses is really hard on the body.

  9. I would enjoy this the most as I have osteo-arthrtis in my left hip as well as fracturing my left tivea back in April so leg is in pain not to mention that I suffer from Fibro.

  10. hubby will enjoy this the most once he uses it on my neck and shoulders that so desperately need this; I will be happy which will make him happy.

  11. My husband will be the one who needs this the most, he has been complaining of neck and shoulder, and back pain for awhile now, and been using a heating pad at night to help him with the pain

  12. My teenage son who plays lots of sports plus going through growing pains.. Always sore and looking for some kind of rub that really works..Thanks:)

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