Trade Shoppers Drug Mart Points for PC Plus Points – Is it a good deal?



Trade Shoppers Drug Mart Points for PC Plus Points – Is it a good deal?


Many people have received an email giving them the option to trade Shoppers Drug mart Points for PC Plus Points!

With that also comes questions from people on if it’s a good idea to trade them.  This is what you need to realize

IMG_1158 $10 is equal to 8000 Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points OR 10 000 PC Points

If you have Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points, the more you collect the more they are worth!

  • 22 000 Optimum points = $30 (you save 2000 points)
  • 38 000 Optimum points = $60 ( you save 10 000 points)
  • 50 000 Optimum points = $85 (you save  34 000 points)
  • 95 000 Optimum points = $170 (you save 41 000 points)

**Savings based on the amount of 8000 points = $10

With PC Plus points there is no savings levels $60 in Free stuff would cost you 60 000 points !

Personally myself I will be keeping them separate, I like to save my Shoppers Optimum Points for when they have Mega Redemption that happens 2 times a year where 95 000 points are worth $200 !!!


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  1. I don’t think I want to trade them either. I like using my points to purchase large ticket items at Christmas.

  2. Wouldn’t trade them either. I buy formula (on sale) all the time when it’s 8-10000 bonus points when you spend $50 or more. I’ve been adding up points pretty quick this way to get free formula, something PC hasn’t been able to do.

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