Two Awesome Finds to Add to Your Home

My husband and I decided we are going to reno our entire house by ourselves with the exception of the things I wouldn’t dare take on such as installing patio doors. I started looking for little things today.

Today was the first day I started actively looking for things for our home for the lowest possible price. It shows you how you can easily spend a fraction of the cost and have the best result.

The other day we picked up a nice plant at Superstore in a nice pot for 50% off making it only $5. It requires little light. It is the one shown on the 3rd shelf in the picture below. The other 3 plants were $8.99 at Superstore but marked down to $0.99 as they were very close to death. They will be shown on shelves 1, 2 and 4. My daughter and I headed to the Dollarama and picked up some more dirt for $0.63 cents (2 for $1.25) and 3 larger pots for the plants for $3 each. Total invested in plants $18.63 (Approx $6.31 per plant).

I picked up this cool stand (52.5 X 13.5 X 11). They were asking $40 for the stand, I scored it for $25.

The next item I purchased was solid pine ( 24 X 11.5 X 22.5 ) and I thought it would be perfect for my daughter’s room. I have yet to decide if I am going to paint it or not. They wanted $35 however I scored this for $5 too.

I’m very excited to see what else I can find and what projects we will be doing as we start our Reno of the house.

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