Understanding your Quote on New Tires – Make sure you don’t get sticker shock

I posted this on Coupon Nannie on Facebook and a few other places and this was one of the companies I contacted via their website.

Looking for the best value for tires, rims, put on and balanced (I am okay with tires & rims being purchased in one place & put on elsewhere and balanced) I want the overall best deal.

Requirements: 225-60R-17
Winter tires, I live on a dirt road, up, up, uphill (like a small mountain hill)
My vehicle is front wheel drive

Would love suggestions!! Thanks in advance

I contacted Velocity Tire as they were the first one on my list and it was when regular stores were closed so I copy and pasted what I posted on Coupon Nannie and sent it off, in no time I had a response.  I’ve left out some of the emails however the parts below were not altered, I just left out the chit-chat. I  also Xed out the amounts as this was based on my car, in the area we live with him being extremely familiar with our winters.  What impressed me is regardless if I decided to go with him or not he offered amazing and detailed information on how to ensure you are really getting the best deal and know the actual price.

I asked his permission to share his advice as I felt it could be helpful. Needless to say, I am going with Velocity Tire and have my appointment for October 14th. He’s right…. he is the cheapest and in my opinion, the most helpful and honest. Wait till you see the fun fact I learned towards the end….

Given your hill you have to drive up, you may want to have your tires studded. I will quote you studable tires, and price the studs separately.

Studs are $X per tire, up from $Xlast year due to increased prices of studs. No one makes money on studs, all the shops just do it so customers won’t have to go somewhere else. $X is the least expensive in Truro that I know of. With hst for four tires studs come to $7X.

The most aggressive tires I can find in your size are made by Noble, a brand I’ve been selling since 2012. They are rock solid quality. I will attach a picture so you can check them out. You’d be looking at $X for four, balanced and installed, including tax and the new-tire enviro fee.

Most shops try to sound a little cheaper by quoting prices “per tire” without the things listed above so always make sure you’re comparing installed, out-the-door prices. Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t get fooled with a low “per tire” price and think that they’ve found tires cheaper somewhere else but end up paying much more in the end once the other shop includes installation, balance, enviro fee, “shop supplies” (??), and hst. I’ve worked in a lot of tire shops here in NS and in the US and I know the tricks they play on the phone when giving out prices. So always get the final installed, taxes-in price when calling around.

So the tires alone are $X installed, taxes in, and if you want studs then the total would be $X taxes in.

David sent a responding email that included a map to his location and his street address. It is located approximately 2 km from my home and I drive past it every time I go to town. I guess buying local really is the best, I cannot get any more local than that!

Regardless of where you go for your tires, make sure you follow David’s suggestions to make sure you are getting the all-in price! If you are local to Truro, why not check out Velocity Tire (they are on Facebook too)!!

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