Want to save on ALL your Prescription Drugs in Canada?

Prescription medications can be very costly and I am always looking for ways to save the most on the things we need the most.

One of the most common ways to save it on dispensing fees. There is a charge that is charged to every prescription that is filled regardless if there is one in the bottle or 200. If it is a prescription you take on a regular basis, ask the doctor to write the prescription for a 2-month supply 6 times a year opposed to a 1-month supply 12 times a year.  That will have you 50% on that dispensing fee. You would not want to make it more than 2 months at a time as you want the medication to be the newest and freshest.

You may see suggestions to get generic instead however if your doctor has prescribed the non-generic there is a reason, they are not exactly the same and depending on the medication they can make a huge difference in how the interact with your body.

I have found 3 different savings cards, all for Canadians, all free and all can be used in conjunction with any current medical plan.

Did you know there are all these FREE Savings Cards that you can save on your prescriptions even if you have a health care plan? They all list all the different medications covered!

Innovicares https://www.innovicares.ca

RX Help https://www.rxhelp.ca/EN/Medications.aspx

Pfizer https://www.pfizeroriginals.ca/

If there are other programs that can help other Canadian save money, please let us know. Make sure you are getting your Air Miles, PC Optimum  Points or other loyalty rewards on your purchases.

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