Ways Not to Save Money – It is just not worth it #WaysNottosave

Just like you when I see something that says something about saving money it sparks my interest and I need to check it out. I did some routine Google searches and while the titles looked amazing, the suggestions themselves were somewhat questionable and with good reason. Many of the suggestions want to dish out cash just for information, which can be found for free in many places. There are some suggestions that could cost you thousands and you could even get sued.

Here are some of the suggestions I found to help you “Earn” or “Save” money and why I don’t think it’s such a good idea. These are in no particular order.

  1. Renting out your car – Do you really need me to tell you the reasons this is not a good idea? You could end up with a smashed car, damages or even find yourself in a lawsuit as the car owner if something happens. If it is involved in a crime, you could lose your car. Your insurance company probably doesn’t cover it. Parking tickets and normal wear and tear are the least of your worries. Leave this to the car rental companies, they have lawyers and all that good stuff. It is not a way to bring in extra cash.
  2. Paying for Survey Lists– I have seen many times people trying to sell a list of survey sites that pay and charge upwards of $24.99 for the list. Please do not do this. Here is a list of survey sites that you can join for free and earn some extra cash and points to redeem for great things such as gift cards. I belong to all of them so I know they are all legit.
  3. Look for a more affordable living – this is easier said than done in many places. There are only so many places to live in some areas and you cannot always find cheaper rent. Roommates are not always an option for various reasons. The only way you can really reduce this in most cases is if you pay your own utilities and find ways to cut down there. If you do choose to rent out a room, please check references and make it on a lease basis and not daily, weekly or monthly like some suggestions I have read.
  4. Save those extra pay cheques – I laughed out loud to this one. I have never ever heard one person ever say, “I got an extra pay cheque”. This is obviously something imaginary.
  5. Rent Your Clothes – I cannot speak for any of you however I cannot think of one article of clothing I own that someone would want to “rent”; much less a stranger and if my item was that “valuable” would the risk really be worth it? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just sell the item?
  6. Sell Your Clothing on Apps– They claim you can make hundreds of thousands simply by selling your old clothes and shoes. I almost broke a rib on this one. I am guessing if your old shoes are worth $700 you probably really aren’t hard up for cash on a regular basis.
  7. Cancel Your Memberships – Cancel your memberships to your gym, country club or golf club. Really?? I’m counting dimes and nickles and you think I have a membership for anything other than a 3-day trial?
  8. Budget – This was always my favourite. When I was younger and first out on my own, my mother would always say, “You just need to budget”. If I have $0.00 I can only budget it in so many ways. I cannot stretch it any more than it already is. You need money to budget it.
  9. Don’t Speed – While it is true the faster they go, the more gas you burn. I’m not sure if it would be a way to suggest just for saving money. It is very dangerous to speed; please do not do it. Tickets are costly, Insurance goes up, and you could hurt yourself or someone else.
  10. Once your emergency fund reaches over $1000- that advice is always so helpful to someone who is negative $10 at the end of each month.
  11. Try “No Spend” Days – Seriously? I thought that was every day between payday and payday.
  12. Go Vegetarian – No No No This is not the solution. I can buy a ham or package of hamburgers for $5 if I watch the sales and make more meals out of it than I can with the $5 cauliflower. Prices of both fruits, vegetables and meats are expensive. Cutting out meat from your diet isn’t a great way to save money.

Let us know in the comments what ways you have seen suggested to save money and if you think that might be going a bit too far!!!

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