Ways to Save in 2024

The cost of living has increased pretty steady however often wages and income has not kept up with the cost of living. It’s become more and more important to manage money, save money, make additional income, reduce waste, reuse, etc. This will be a working document and I will be adding additional posts explaining each one to make it as easy as possible for everyone to be able to use these suggestions or some variation of so that everyone can be successful.

  1. Set a budget (50/20/30 budget – 50 is essentials. 30 personal 20 saving)
  2. Set a savings goal – round up and deposit in high interest savings account
  3. 52 Week Savings – This is an article on how to save this year, you can access it here
  4. Gift Card Challenge – Learn the gift card challenge and see how you can get started here
  5. Auto Pay Bills
  6. Round up Bills so December is pretty much free – There is a formula to help you with this right here.
  7. Recheck subscriptions such as Netflix, Spotify
  8. Set timers on free trials – There are a ton of free trials for TV here
  9. Add to your mortgage or other loans/credit – Add extra
  10. Request your free credit reports – contact each lender to re negotiate price.
  11. Buy Gift Cards for your essentials so you don’t overspend (Grocery, Gas, etc)
  12. Check for new rates on phone/cable/internet/
  13. Check your insurance, costs and what it carries.
  14. Ask doctor re write prescriptions for 2/3 month at a time to reduce dispensing fee
  15. Ask for generic options for pills OR find medication savings cards
  16. Learn your price per item
  17. Check points options such as PC Optimal, Scene and redeem rewards frequent
  18. Choose a credit card wisely
  19. Go back 3 months in bank statements and inventory where your spending is , ex Tim Hortons, Gas, etc
  20. Meal Planning this can save a ton
  21. Grow your own herbs and spices
  22. Learn appropriate size portions
  23. If your going out to eat, even if fast food, check the deals, split food, do surveys on receipts
  24. Receipts are your friend
  25. Compare Prices and know your go to for most common products
  26. Use Coupons and Cash Back Apps.
  27. Know which brands are the best
  28. Try free classes, membership, etc to see if you can find which one suits your needs. Negotiate prices
  29. Switch Light bulbs, un plug items not in use, power bars, turn down heat 1 degree ,
  30. Enjoy free activities and try new things
  31. Buy off season
  32. Know when your store marks down items, the area of the store and marks down days
  33. Make extra cash
  34. Markeplace, Free cycle is your friend
  35. Know your benefits from health clubs, AAA, memberships, etc Keep a notebook
  36. Learn what receipts to start keeping for your taxes, you could be missing out on savings
  37. Take advantage of your medical benefits (Stay healthier, claim remaining on Income tax)
  38. Mystery Shopping
  39. Open a high interest savings account
  40. Ask a friend to go with them on a trip
  41. Have someone buy you a Costco gift card
  42. Buy a few items on sale in bulk
  43. Make things pre made to make things easier
  44. Learn to waste less food
  45. Use the power of social media to borrow and buy 2nd hand, or 3rd hand.
  46. Keep car , furnace, etc in top working order to reduce costs
  47. Take advantage of freebies
  48. Remember your bags!
  49. DIY – There are many things you can do it yourself
  50. Read instructions

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