What’s in the cupboard and what was the cost? #StockUp

I know money is tight, especially with Covid 19 and the effect on our money flow. Things are tight and they are only going to be a bit tighter with the holidays coming so it is important to stock up when prices are right. This is one of our go-to cupboards and everything in this cost $2.00 or less!

What’s in the cupboard and what was the cost?

  • Kraft Dinner ~ Regular $1.99 each ~ Paid $0.66 per box ~ 12 pack was on sale for $7.99
  • Kraft Macaroni Salad (green box) ~ Regular $1.69 ~ I picked up 2 boxes at 50% off (short dated) $0.84
  • Stewed Can tomatoes on sale for $0.99
  • Tuna on sale for $0.99
  • Hamburger Helper and Tuna Helper ~ Regular $2.69 ~ $1.66 each as they were on 3/$5.00
  • Pancake Mix ~ Regular $2.99 each ~ Paid $1.66 as they were on sale 3/$5.00
  • Rice on the right on the top are Regular $1.59 each but they were on sale for $0.99
  • Pasta of Lasagna noodles were $2.00 and behind that you cannot see is bags of 900g macaroni and spaghetti that were picked up for $0.99
  • 9 of the Clover Leaf Bistros were free and the rest were $1.00 regular price of $3.99 each
  • 24 of each kind Campbells soup ~ regular $1.99 (crazy huh) were on for 50 cents so we got tomato, mushroom and chicken noodle
  • Lunch meat was 3/$5 and they are normally $3.99 each
  • Canned pasta can be upwards of $2.00 per can but I grabbed them at $1.00 each
  • Oatmeal Quick Oat Packages $2.00 per package of 8 normally $2.49
  • Cereal is in back out of box as the bags fit better and I wanted the boxes for the Free labels offers to be here in time for xmas for socks!

I’ll be adding to this post as I rearrange and stock up more. I have been out of the loop for a moment and need to catch up. What awesome treasures do you have in your pantry?

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