Where do you find Coupons for use in Canada? I have the list!

Coupons are finally being accepted in stores again after a brief stop due to Covid 19. I noticed that our coupon network page disappeared so it was time for me to compile a list of all the webpage that have coupons on a regular and consistent to make it much more easy for you to clip your savings to save the maximum amount of money. I will often post Canada coupons we find other places or when new ones are posted to let you know but these are the ones that are consistent.

Important terms on coupons that are good to know.

One per transaction – That means if you have 2 coupons for a specific product and 2 of the same products they need to ring your purchases in separately.

One per customer – That means if you have 2 coupons for the same product and 2 identical products you need to have 2 people there. Just so you are aware; children are customer (think about it, we probably wouldn’t even be there but for those little food eaters )

One per family – That means if you have the entire family there; you are still only able to use 1 coupon on one of that particular product.

One per product – This means if you are buying a particular product you can only use one coupon, you cannot use 2 coupons on one product; it is illegal in Canada. Please note, if you are buying lets say 5 bottles of Tide and you have 5 Tide coupons worth $1.00 off you can use all 5 coupons as you have 5 products!

One per purchase – This means the exact same thing as the definition above. This means if you are buying a particular product you can only use one coupon, you cannot use 2 coupons on one product; it is illegal in Canada. Please note, if you are buying lets say 5 bottles of Tide and you have 5 Tide coupons worth $1.00 off you can use all 5 coupons as you have 5 products!

How do I know this? When I first dove into coupons in 2012, I took the time to email companies such as Procter and Gamble to ask for clarification on their own coupons.

**Please note photocopying coupons is ILLEGAL. You are not permitted to print coupons. Companies have a specific advertising budget and release so many coupons, which includes printed coupons that are only available for a specific time or in limited supply. People that abuse this make it so that companies no longer wish to produce coupons. Let’s not abuse these savings.

Mailed Coupons – These are the most popular type of coupons and although there appears to be less and less people who mail the coupons these days but thankfully there are still some for those who don’t have a printer or are low on ink or paper right now.

Save.ca – This money saving website has been around for a very long time and although it has undergo some changes over the years, it has consistently tried to provide savings for Canadians across the country. This site often hosts FPC or free product coupons for companies. The notifications usually show up on Facebook first and tend to go very quickly. You can usually order the coupons every 15 to 30 days depending on the company. Head over to Save.ca and check out the coupons they can mail to you today and there are also lot of coupons that you can print right now.

Walmart.ca – Walmart has a coupon portal that has some of the same coupons as Save.ca that are both mailed and printed. You need a separate account for this website. These coupons do not need to be used at Walmart unless it states so on the coupon. It’s a great opportunity to get double your favor coupons. They also have their coupons polices listed right below their coupons, head over and have a look.

ZebraCoupons.com – Zebra Coupons was created to help aid those people who did not have a printer. The coupons are free however they charge $2.00 that covers them being mailed out to you. Sometimes you can get a free code to avoid the shipping charges. Many of the coupons you get the option to order more than one which is a great feature to stock up on your favorite coupons.

Printed Coupon Portals – Just think of it as printing money as your saving money. Tips for printing coupons. You can print your coupons in black or white or colour; your choice. Set your printer preferences on draft as it uses less ink. NEVER EVER photocopy coupons.

Websavers.ca – This is another website that has been around for a very long time. It use to mail coupons however now their sister site Zebra coupons does that. You can print off some great coupons. They always have a nice variety that changes frequently. They also have digital coupons that are valid all over Canada. Some are cash back so have a look. I’m betting you might be as surprised as me.

Tasty Rewards.com This website has delicious coupons to print on Frito-Lay® and Quaker® brands. They also offer exclusive contests. They also offer digital coupons in select areas that you can add directly to your phone, some areas are cash back.

Smart Source Coupon Portal- We host it directly here on the Coupon Nannie site. You can print 2 of each coupon per computer browser. Coupon Nannie earns 2 cents per coupon which pays for the hosting to keep this site up and running.

Procter and Gamble P&G Coupon Portal – This portal has your printable P&G coupons. If you are looking for mailed coupons, check out Zebra Coupons to have those mailed to you.

GoCoupons.ca has been around for a very long time however it is not exclusively printed coupons. Back in early days it was home for Royal mailed coupons.

Digital Coupons/Cash Back – Digital Coupons are coupons are coupons that automatically come off at the cash when you scan your card or give a specific number to the cashier. Please see Tasty Rewards and Websaver above for their digital coupons.

Giant Tiger VIP club– Simply log in and see what offers you have each week after you register for your account. Give the cashier your card to scan on your phone or simply give your phone number to get your savings!.

Sobeys/Foodland – You can log into your app and add extra money saving coupons and bonus Airmiles . Load them directly to your AirMiles Card.

I’ll update more later. This should get your warmed up to see all the savings that are out there for you and your family. It’s time to stop to start keeping more money in your bank.

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