Time to Win

Who wants to Win Lots of Stuff? #WinStuff

What if I told you there was a way to win lots of stuff? That you can play as low as $2 and sometimes there is only 7 people in the draw! Great chances to win right! What if I told you that we do this THREE times a week!! We ship across Canada! We help Non profits!! All the draws are done LIVE!!!

Look at just a few of the things that are up this week for grabs!! There is over 150 items!!

Want to see how many winners we had on the last draw that was just yesterday??

Once the draws happen, all prizes are shipped out within 24 hours and you get proof of shipment so you know when to expect it and yes we ship all over Canada ! We do these draws on Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 7 PM Eastern.

Why do we do this? For a few reasons , It’s fun to win stuff and it helps non profits. Our local homeless shelter is close to my heart and I will be doing shops for them . There is another Dana in our group and she supports Mobility Riders, they fix electric wheel chairs and scooters for those with mobility issues for people who cannot afford it. Jessie supports ALS. That does not mean that our charities do not change, thought out the year we will be helping various places and in December we plan on sponsoring a family with everyone help .

We have a silly name but it’s for lots of fun. Snap, Crackle & Pop is the name of our group !

Look at some of the items people have won ! These are there actual pictures of their winnings!!

Why not come join us and join the fun ! Visit us HERE to start playing !!

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