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It’s a parents favorite time of their child growing up. POTTY Training! What you need to know is all kids are different and all kids have different ways of learning and to be motivated! Who doesn’t want their kids out of diapers! Diapers are expensive!

6 Signs your child may be ready to start potty training : See the list

There is also a list of 25 additional tips from real moms! There could be other signs and if you have any, I’d LOVE for you to share below in the comments!!

Now once you have determined that your child is ready. You need to see what seat or potty option is best for you. Some children like a small potty option and others like the seat that goes on top of the potty. In our house it is the seat on the toilet to be a “Big Girl”.

Devyn who is now 3, learned to go to the potty very easily and it helping us to get her sister Braylee pumped for this adventure!

Devyn tried to tell her sister how COOL it was as she showed Braylee all the fun stuff you get to use. “Bray.. when you use the wet toilet paper you don’t use 3 squares; just one” Devyn tells her sister. Now that Devyn is 3; we have a 3 squares guide otherwise there would be a roll of paper in the toilet each time. Her sister is 18 months old. Kandoo wipes ARE FLUSHABLE!! They work 30% better than traditional toilet paper. They are a natural transition from baby wipes to toilet paper. Braylee tells me that they are hers 🙂

Not only do you get to use the cool wet toilet paper, you get to use GREEN soap! True story! ** Please note the BRIGHTFOAM soap is for kids only; adults are not permitted to use it **


See the action for yourself!

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  1. Be patient, don’t stress, when it is time you will know. After a set of twins and swearing I would never have two in diapers again it happened, a 24 month old and new born, but the 24 month old wasn’t ready so I gave it some time and it happened when it was time. Soooo much easier.

  2. I thought I was all done with Potty training, then we had a wonderful surprise. Guess I’ll be needing this stuff after all!

  3. My best advice for toilet training is to be patient. Have clear expectations and be consistent. Rewards are great incentives.

  4. We used a potty video from Bear in the big blue house, worked for both of our girls. Now the oldest is expecting one of her own.

  5. Be consistent, even when he/she goes to nanny & poppy’s house ,make sure the same potty training rules are in effect there too 🙂

  6. Sticker chart, smarties and lots of patience! Don’t push them until they’re ready and let them wear underwear right away, skip the pull ups

  7. Always make using the potty fun!
    Have a basket of books around so when they are sitting they get comfortable and do their thing . Let them buy fun soap to use afterwards so washing hands is fun and specials treats is aways nice too

  8. the best thing that i did when i was training was using mini m&m’s. Everytime she would try (really honestly try) i would give her one… until she started to get excited that she was going.. and BAMB she was so excited that she was going she forgot about the m&m’s!

  9. Don’t rush them! You’ll just be making extra work and stress for yourself. Reward them every time – a mini marshmallow, chocolate chip, sticker, whatever. Biggest thing that worked for us with our daughter was getting rid of pull-ups (after almost 2 months of 1 step forward 2 steps back) and going straight to big girl underwear – she was trained in 2 days. Just keep your mop handy if you go this route 🙂

  10. learning to use the potty is hard it takes time praise them when they do odnt get mad at the accidents make it fun they will figure it out

  11. We had several pottys in separate rooms, that way, until my oldest learned how to control her bladder, there were fewer accidents!

  12. My best advice is just to be patient and relaxed. It will happen when the child is ready so there’s no reason to make it too stressful.

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