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IMG_3715Zevia ~ The New Sweet ~

Spring is here; some of you are lucky and have some spring weather for quite some time. Here in Nova Scotia; we were getting snow up until a few days ago! I have been trying so hard to get into the spring mode; each time I go to the grocery store I grab a new plant for the house since I can’t plan outside 🙁

This week where I live in spring clean up time and you would not believe the things I have seen people throwing out on the side of the road.

  • Shopping Cart – HELLO people these don’t belong to you; they belong to the stores; you can’t throw out things that are not yours
  • A Deer !! I kid you not today where I live someone had a DEER on Willow St covered by a yellow rain coat that had come off – Road side collection don’t take animals. Natural Resources needs to be required
  • Car Seats – If you are throwing out an old car seat that is no longer good – please remove the straps and put them in a different bag so no one can see them – that way people who go around gathering stuff from your junk pile don’t take the car seats that are not safe and try to use them.


We’ve rewritten the definition of zero calorie soda. We call it #TheNewSweet!

I find Zevia at my local Sobeys in the organic section! Check their store locator to find where you can buy yours!

Now that spring is here, many get the chance to enjoy the outside; go running or walking. Everyone is starting to get in the mode to get in shape for summer and get that body bathing suit ready! That’s looking for more fruits, vegetables and less calories!

Zevia has no calories! It’s great for those who are diabetic as well and comes in 15 flavours!! Which of the 15 flavours do you think you would love the most???

It wouldn’t be Coupon Nannie without a coupon right? You can print off a $1 coupon for every 6 pack!! Print your savings!

1 Winner will Win 3 Free Product Coupons for 6 pk of Zevia

Coupons valid until December 31/2015

This contest is open to Canada only

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  1. Camping season ,is what i look forward to , bring on the warmer weather , i so love Camping , thanks for the chance 🙂

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