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Many brands use instant win giveaways as their promotional tool for their product and/or service. Why? It gives the fan instant gratification. It promotes brand loyalty! Instant Win Contest are generally giveaways that you get more than one chance; usually daily to win a prize and there is normally a grand prize that you will get an entry for as well.

Instant Win Prize vary depending on the brand however I have seen instant wins for: discounts, coupons,samples, products, entries to bigger giveaways, subscriptions, gift cards; just about anything ! Instant Win contests normally you require to register first; however after your first visit it’s much quicker as your already registered. These are popular as they take very little time, you get more than one chance and it’s fun !

~ Reminder ~ Coupon Nannie finds these great instant win contests all over the place and puts them here on our blog all on one site to save you time and make them easier to find – we are not the ones that run the contests or give out the prizes. If you have an issue with a

contest please contact the contest promoter 🙂 ~


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